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I have created this page in order to collect information related to my job search in one place. You’ll find a recent copy of my resume here, as well as links to some of my work.


If you have been redirected to this page from a job application that I submitted to you through a website, it’s most likely because the organization to which I applied does not accept resumes and cover letters in portable document format (PDF). I maintain my resume using a typesetting system known as LaTeX, which renders my resume as a PDF directly from source code. I do not use Microsoft Word on my personal computer. Because your organization only accepts resumes in Word format (or some other proprietary format), I cannot use your job application system. This is my alternative.

The compiled PDF is available here:

Please contact me if you need a plain text version, or just want to see the TeX source.

To read the PDF version, you’ll need a PDF viewer. The most common viewer is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free download. If you do not wish to use Adobe’s reader, I recommend Evince document viewer, especially if you are on a GNU/Linux system.

A word about document formats: I choose not to use the Microsoft Word document format because it is a secret, proprietary format. This means that it forces anyone who uses it to own a copy of Microsoft Word (and an operating system to run it), or to use software that has reverse-engineered the Word format and may not fully support it. Instead, I use two formats (PDF and plain text) that can be read on virtually any computing platform, using Free Software tools. This protects my data and software freedom. There are many other good reasons not to use Word for document exchange. You can learn about them from this article.


I have decided not to post references directly here, in order to protect the contact information of others. If you would like references, please contact me directly using the information on my resume or by leaving a comment on this page.

Samples of Work

Below you’ll find links to some of my recent work. These are meant to demonstrate my skills in web authoring, programming, and technical and academic writing. Where the copyright is mine, you are free to reproduce them verbatim in any medium, provided this notice (and my name) is preserved. Alternatively, you may reproduce them under the terms of any license explicitly attached to them.

  • Technical posts on this blog: Mount Samba Shares on a GNU/Linux Machine; Unmount Samba Filesystems Before Shutdown or Reboot; Samba as a WINS server in a Windows Peer Network; Kernel .config for a Dell Dimension 4100; MySQLdb Python module quirk in OS X; Enabling WebDAV in IIS for HTTP PUT Support.
  • Essex High School We the People website: (Unfortunately, this site has been taken down because the hosting contract was only for three months. Please contact me if you would like to have the source code.) I designed this site to help raise funds to send Essex High School’s We the People team to the national competition in Washington, D.C. The site was created using Django, which I must say lives up to its mantra of being the web framework “for perfectionists with deadlines.” I went from having nothing to a completely functional auction site in less than a weekend. The time I’ve spent on it since then has mostly been spent entering data and writing content, and getting it set up on a host.
  • Apex Press website: I converted this website to use the Publishers’ Assistant Web Services software and to have a new look.
  • Publishers’ Assistant website and associated wiki: I re-designed this site which, like the Apex Press site and the Upper Access site below, runs on the Publishers’ Assistant Web Services software. The wiki site runs MoinMoin (which I had to install and configure via FTP — not an experience I wish to repeat any time soon).
  • Upper Access, Inc. website: I helped upgrade this site from static pages to an ASP-based web application with a shopping cart, etc. (using the Publishers’ Assistant Web Services package). Like the Writers House site below, I cannot claim credit for much of the data or styling on this site; I primarily worked on re-implementing the existing styles and data using ASP and the mechanisms provided by the web application, and on helping the owner to understand the concepts he needed to maintain the new site by himself. (Please contact him if you would like to know more.) Where possible, I focused on re-implementing pages with cleaner code and valid XHTML. This page, for example, is a valid-XHTML version of this older page; the stylesheet is valid CSS.
  • Kelly Writers House website: I helped maintain the Kelly Writers House website from 2004 until 2007. I cannot claim credit for more than a small fraction of the data on this website, nor would I want to; most of it is extremely disorganized and was “organically grown” during the years when the Web itself (and HTML) was growing up. Most of my work consisted of updates to existing pages, especially the calendar pages. I am also the sole author of the Writers House UNIX Tutorial Pages.
  • The Semantic View and the Alpha-Model: This is an academic paper that represents the culmination of some research I did for Dr. Michael Weisberg. It argues against the `semantic view of scientific theories’ by considering a scientific model (Duncan Watts’ `alpha-model’) that is not adequately described by that view. This paper won the Elizabeth F. Flower Undergraduate Essay Prize and the Vagelos/President’s Award in my senior year at Penn. For other papers, please see the Philosophy Writing page.
  • Python parser for NetLogo data files: I wrote some Python code to parse data files output by the NetLogo agent-based modeling environment. Specifically, this Python module contains classes for parsing Behavior Space and Export World data files for a model created by Michael Weisberg and Ryan Muldoon. Sample data files are included in the tarball. Please note that this code has not been extensively tested or debugged. It’s not likely to be very useful to you unless you’re using a similar model, but you’re free to read it and adapt it as you wish. Note: I have apparently lost my SEAS account since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania; if you wish to read this code, please leave a comment or send me an email, until I find some other web hosting. WordPress unfortunately forbids me from uploading non-documents (like TAR files) to my blog.

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July 7, 2007 at 10:46 pm

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