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This page contains some of my more technical philosophical writing. Again, it’s partly intended as storage space, partly intended as an interface between my professors and myself, and partly intended as my own faux-publication and readers’ forum.

Please note that all work posted on this page is copyrighted by the author. Verbatim copying in any medium is permitted, so long as the author’s name and this notice is preserved.

Papers posted:

  1. Describing the ‘Later Logic’: Wittgenstein’s Conception of Logic After the Tractatus
  2. Observability and Scientific Practice
  3. The Semantic View and the Alpha-Model. (Note: this paper was published in an online journal from the University of Pennsylvania, “ScholarlyCommons@Penn.” You can also download it from there using this link.)

Written by whereofwecannotspeak

April 17, 2006 at 5:02 pm

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