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Kernel .config for a Dell Dimension 4100

I’ve just finished compiling and testing out a Linux 2.6.23 kernel for a Dell Dimension 4100. I’m running Ubuntu on top of it, which seems to have gotten much more responsive as a result: with only 128Mb of RAM, this machine can’t afford to run a lot of unneeded drivers at the same time as GNOME.

All the hardware seems to work (though I haven’t actually tested the floppy drive), and all the hardware is original except for the hard drive and an additional network card. If you’re looking for a slimmed-down kernel to run on one of these machines, this .config should get you started. There may be some other drivers you can take out — I tend to err on the side of leaving things in if I can compile them as a module and I’m not sure I don’t need them — and if you succeed in slimming it down even further, please let me know!

Here’s a link to the .config: kernel-2623-config-dimension4100.txt. Fortunately, I was able to upload a text file this time, instead of a PDF.

Update: I have since noticed that shutting down, restarting, and suspending do not work correctly; the computer hangs after apparently shutting down all services. I do not think this is a kernel issue, though, since the stock Ubuntu kernel had the same problem, and I have seen some forum threads indicating that this is a Gutsy software issue. Please let me know if you resolve this issue.

Update 2: Turns out that the shutdown/restart issue was a result of having Samba shares mounted that didn’t unmount properly. (See this post for my resolution to this issue.) The machine now shuts down and reboots fine; I didn’t have to modify the kernel at all. I have not tested suspend or hibernate since the fix.


Written by whereofwecannotspeak

December 15, 2007 at 3:04 pm

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